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Magnesium rock wool Panel is also another panel of Jana Cleaner India Pvt. Ltd. and use for various purposes in Indian industry. In our Hollow glass magnesium Rockwool insulate inside the hollow part to improve the fire resistance performance, which is mainly suitable for projects with higher requirements for fire prevention. Rock wool has the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation. It helps in prevention of water leakage issue which is mainly occur is prefabricated buildings, its main feature is highly temperature resistance and it can protect fire till 120 min.

The magnesium rockwool sandwich panel is normally used as ceiling panel, as its loading capacity and fire resistance are the best compared with other panels.

Some of the Features:
*Dust-free, anti-static, anti-bacterial and strong enough to enable people to walk on.
*Two panels connected by profiled aluminium alloy to ensure fast and convenient installation.
*Industrial gules are applied manually between double skin plates and core material to ensure more adhesive capability than machine-made sandwich panels, extending the service life of the panels.
*Modular installation to largely cut down on construction period.

Technical Data:

Sandwich Panel Infill : Rockwool Magnesium Combined
Double-skin Material : Prepainted Steel Sheet
Skin Sheet Thickness : 0.5mm
Panel Thickness : 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm ( customize as per requirement)
Max. Length : 9000mm ( customize )
Width : 1150mm
Rockwool density : 60-120 kg/m3
Noise Resistance : 30db
Loading Capacity : 1.25 kn/m2
Fire Resistance : 120 min
Application : Ceiling Panel
Magnesium Rockwool Panel
Magnesium Rockwool Panel
Magnesium Rockwool Panel